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For the Buff Adventurer, the Meditative Yogi, the Healthy Nomad

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or planning your first big adventure, to be an Illest Optimist means to travel the world in wellness. I’ll show you how you can maintain a healthy travel schedule while still indulging in all the fun.

Zen Hotels + Resorts

The best hotel gyms, detox spa services, + green juice room services to keep your healthy routine on par while indulging your wanderlust.

Fitness + Diet Travel

Snacks to pack, on the road workouts, stress reduction techniques, + sleep hacks to stay on your wellness journey while you are away from home.

Healthy Food + Drink

Delicious restaurants, bars, + markets around the globe that abides by your Vegan, Paleo, Whole30, Keto, Gluten Dairy or Sugar-free, lifestyle.

Supplements + Healing

Vitamins + restorative items to pack + buy to keep your immune system high + ancient/modern healing techniques that countries are known for.

About Brooklyn
I take to the open road. Healthy, free, the world before me.
Walt Whitman

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The Girl Behind Illest Optimist

I was ill for years with a chronic disease + managed to heal myself through an anti-inflammatory diet, restorative detox techniques, + reframing fear into optimism. With remission in the bag, my next step was to find a routine that kept me at the peak of wellness while traveling.

My blog posts are all about healthy travel, detailing the best hotels, restaurants, + activities that I’ve found around the world, as well as tips + tricks to keep you in top physical, mental, + spiritual shape while at the same time allowing you to have a kickass time.

World Traveler

My boyfriend + I are on a continuous travel schedule that allows us to live in a different city around the world every month, working + experiencing the sites.

Certified Nutritionist

While healing from my chronic disease I became a Nutritionist, which has given me the knowledge to seek out the healthiest food + drinks.

Healthy Branding Expert

I am a Digital Branding Consultant to healthy + socially conscious companies which allows me to work remotely all over the world + be an expert on health + wellness trends.

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Healthy Travel Blog Posts

Discover my latest destinations + start planning for your next healthy adventure! I’ll help you determine the most zen places to stay, eateries that abide by your personalized diet plan, + healing techniques around the world to keep you healthy.

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Are you the owner of a hotel or healthy travel or wellness service + would like to be featured on the site and social? Maybe you are a fellow blogger who’d love to team up + talk shop? Or are you are a fellow chronic disease warrior or healthy minded individual who has questions about how to stay healthy while traveling?

Come one, come all, I’d LOVE to speak with you! Please feel free to reach out below or through social media – @illestoptimist.