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Illest Optimist

3 years of misdiagnosis, 2 years of natural treatments, 1 year in remission with a Chronic Disease.
No Bullshit Diet, Detox, + Positivity Tactics From Someone Who’s Been Where You’ve Been.

Healing Recipes

Delicious + easy to make gluten dairy sugar + meat free recipes meant to heal the body from the inside out.

Detox Tactics

Natural treatment, cleansing protocols, + products that work to rid the body of toxins safely.

Positivity + Hope

1/3 of all healing starts with believing it is possible. Positivity is key in healing + needs to be a daily focus.

About Brooklyn
A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.
Said by an Unknown Badass

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I am OBSESSED with all things natural + healthy, + love to post till the cows come home.
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Life After Disease

For years I was sick + in excruciating pain. But I kept fighting, knowing some day would be different. Here I sit today, healed, with gratitude so overwhelming, I can’t fully verbalize. I want those still suffering to know there is hope – which is why Illest Optimist means the world to me. It’s important to stay grateful even for the smallest of things, and watch as you are rewarded with miracles.

Chronic Disease Survivor

I was bedridden with a chronic disease for years and healed myself through diet, detox, and positivity tactics.

Certified Nutritionist

I’ve dedicated my life to help sufferers seek happiness + health through natural means as a Certified Nutritionist.

Natural Living Nut

I tout living a natural life consisting of healing whole foods + natural beauty/cleaning/home products to staying healthy.

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Blog Posts

Want inspiration? Recipes? Advice from someone who’s been in your shoes? Check out my blog posts that I’ve written with love.

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