I’m living proof that there is legit validity to the phrase, “waking up on the right foot.” For years I’d roll out of bed at 8am in a manic rush, news blasting, clothes flying, curse words reigning supreme as I grab my 14 teaspoon sugar added coffee before flying out the door.

Now I see that was idiotic chaos and the worst start to any day.

Morning is a special time when we are ready to be renewed and kick major ass for the day to come. Incorporating healthy practices to your daily routine will ensure that you are optimizing immune function, balancing mind and body, and preparing yourself to face the day like a bat oughta hell.

So check out my healing tactics and snag one or all for yourself.

Daily Routine for Mind Body and Soul Balance

6am – Rise and Shine

  • First let’s talk sleep, as it is important as all hell. I aim for 8 hours, I can deal with 7, 9 is badass, but 8 is my sweet spot. When you sleep, your body actually repairs and restores. So turn off Netflix, and crawl in the sheets.
  • I’m a big promoter of getting up early every day. It means I can get my entire healthy routine done by the time my clients are up and raring to go.

6:15am – Feed Pups and Take for a Walk

  • Even if I didn’t have dogs, I’d get my sweet little ass outside for a walk every morning. It’s a tough thing to do, especially when every bone in your body is begging to stay in your warm cocoon of a bed. But do it. It will clear your mind and allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature, breathe in fresh air, and warm up your bod.

6:45am – Gratitude List

  • This is an absolutely GAME CHANGER for me. Almost every single day (I run about a 95% success rate) I list out 10 things that I’m grateful for. They can be big things like closing a deal or small things like having a killer hair day. I also recommend having an accountability partner. I type out (writing in a notebook and take a screenshot to send to someone also works) my list and send it to my bestie, Lindsay. She keeps me in check and keeps my secrets. Double bonus!
  • Scientifically Proven Stats – Grateful people experience fewer aches and pains and they report feeling healthier than other people. Gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic emotions, ranging from envy and resentment to frustration and regret. Spend just 15 minutes jotting down a few grateful sentiments, and you will sleep better and longer. Gratitude not only reduces stress, but it may also play a major role in overcoming trauma.

7:00am – Detox Tea 

  • The first thing we consume in the morning is a critical health practice because we are ending an all-night fast. I choose detox tea with lots of superfood additions. I boil a tea kettle and add in detox tea (my fav is Art of Tea – Yerba Mate, Mint, or Holy Basil are my favs – CLICK HERE to view), local honey, cinnamon, cayenne, turmeric, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar.
  • Benefits Include – improved digestion, helps break down fats often resulting in weight loss, detoxifies and feeds the liver, strengthens your immune system, clearer skin, more energy, and boosts your metabolism.

7:15am Yoga, Paddleboarding, Run or All the Above

  • Exercise is f*ing important folks! I found that when I crush a workout first thing in the morning I have a ton of energy to sustain me through a long day. Plus I feel like an Olympian warrior who nobody can step to – a necessity in all work scenarios and traffic jams.

8:00am Meditation

  • It took me a long ass time to find the best meditation for me. I tried all kinds of guided apps (Buddhify, Calm, Headspace, Omvana), tried it sitting up, laying down, on the beach, on a train, everywhere Dr. Seuss told me to go. Then I nutted up and just sat in silence (a little tip from my man) – it worked like a charm.
  • Chill Meditation Stats –  75% of insomniacs were able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed, 60% of anxiety-prone people showed marked improvements in anxiety levels after 6-9 months, proven to lower the risk of heart attack or stroke by 8% to 15%.

8:30am Juice, Blend, + Cook 

  • I cook my face off every morning and it has made a huge difference in my health. Most mornings I’ll make the following – use my Omega 8006 to juice up (lemon, green apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, ginger), blend like a champ with my Vitamix (frozen banana, cacao, coconut milk, water, spinach, cinnamon, and bee pollen), a kitchen sink salad for lunch (greens, whatever veggies I have laying around and a vinaigrette of evoo, lemon, mustard, salt, cayenne) and slice up veggies to pair with a halved avocado for an afternoon snack.

9:00am Work

  • I do all these kickass things before I even glance at my work emails, watch the news, or check my Insta stories.

Gradually weaving some or all of these practices into your daily routine will help you to restore mind-body balance like a boss. Keep in mind that it takes some time to establish a habit or new routine, so be don’t be a d*ck when you find yourself stalking your ex on Facebook the moment your eyes open. Just come back to the routine the next day.

The benefits of a healthy morning routine are huge, so it’s worth putting your time and attention on creating one that works best for you.

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