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I’m just an average girl, standing in front of a juicer, asking it to love me.

How to Make the Perfect Green Juice

Where do most go wrong, and why you don’t need to be shaking in your boots as you pour that green liquid down your gullet.

Green Juice Tips

I’m sure you’ve heard of green juice. If you haven’t my friend, I beg of you to step outside in the beautiful world of health!

But conflicting reports have stated it’s a passing phase, too time-consuming and expensive, or that juice has far too much sugar in it to do the body good. These could be true if you make rookie green juice mistakes like I did. But not to worry, I got you.

What is Juicing: Juicing is when you take a single or a mixture of fresh raw fruits, veggies, and herbs and run them through a juicer. The juicer extracts pulp and leaves you the liquid; you drink the liquid.

Reasons to Juice:

1. Nutrients Absorb Immediately

2. Guarantees the Daily Dose

3. Detoxes, Cleanses, & Eliminates Toxins

4. Creates a Healthy Alkaline State

5. Makes your Skin Glow and Hair Grow

6. Helps Control Cravings and Kick Food Addictions

7. Assists in Weight Loss and Maintenance

8. Raises Energy Levels & Mental Clarity

9. Increases Immune System

10. Generates Mood Balance

11. Keeps you Hydrated

12. Aids in Healing Physical Ailments

13. It’s fun and tastes amazing

Favorite Green Juice Recipe

My absolute fav simple recipe that doesn’t have too much sugar, uses inexpensive and easy to work with ingredients is my go-to “IO Green Machine”.


  • 1/2 a green apple
  • Crap ton of kale
  • Double crap ton of spinach
  • 1 full lemon peeled
  • 1 whole cucumber
  • 1 handful of parsley


Juice that sh*t and drink

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