I was lucky enough to stay in this beauty of a place, in the most romantic city in the world. It did not disappoint. In fact, I almost moved in and said farewell to all that I know in the Americas. Meet Le Cinq Codet.

It’s not just the fluffiness of the bed, mini-bar situation, or smell of the body wash. I take a mind/body/soul approach when reviewing a place that I lay my head, and Le Cinq Codet rocked my world in the following ways.

The Hotel in Paris that Made me Swoon

Le Cinc Codet is a stunning contemporary hotel in the heart of La Rive Gauche that features comfy rooms, indulgent suites, a Ayurvedic spa, and a delicious restaurant menu.

Fab Location

There are a ton of hotels to choose from in Paris, but we specifically wanted a healthy hotel that was the opposite of snooty. The last thing we wanted was some austentatios monstrosity that was squished in-between Chanel and Cartier.

We wanted to be in an area that the locals frequent, that was near small markets, quaint stores, and ma and pa restaurants – and that is what we got.

Spa Treatments

With all the Eiffel Tower gawking we didn’t get to enjoy Le Cinc Codet’s spa, but the next time we are in the city, you bet your bottom dollar you will find us there. They have reflexology, deep tissue/thai massage, holistic facials, and body polishes that look out of this world (think flax seed and coconut powder mixed with Loquat Body Milk).

The Suite of all Suites

My bf and I were blessed to stay in the classic room for two nights (which I won’t go into because it was a basic room that fit the bill for getting over jet lag that consumed us), and the absolutely breathtaking Prestige Suite (which obviously I’m going to be focusing on). It had all the necessities including a king size bed, 2 bathrooms, living room, tv’s, minibars, lounge, and the like. But it also had some additional memorable and romantically fanciful things.

Wrap around Balcony with Eiffel Tower View

The view was absolutely to die for. The wrap around patio featured a hot-tub and lay loungers on one side and a can’t beat view of the Eiffel Tower on the right (where we enjoyed a champagne brunch).

I find that a fab way to get over jet lag is to be in nature. Inhaling the fresh air, listening to the birds, and possibly taking a flop outside, a drool induced snooze being the best acclimater.

Bath/Hot Tub/Shower

Most of the time when I’m in a hotel room I’m either sleeping, working, or you’ll find me in whatever water element they offer. Le Cinc Codet had an amazing hot tub, bath tub, and shower – all of which the man and I used until we were pruney from head to toe.

I find it incredibly meditative to take a soak and a necessity for the healthy traveler. When you are bumping around the city all day, nothing feels more delicious than laying in a scalding hot bath filled with bubbles, and if you can – with a professionally manscaped gentleman.

Room Service

Although we were slightly disappointed as to not have French fries offered at 2am (how American of us to even request), the breakfast room service was beautifully displayed, and exquisitely set up on our patio. It was there that we toasted the amazing time we had in Paris in our robes, cheesing with champs (because how can you not).

I had the scrambled eggs with a side of potatoes, the boyfriend had a similar scramble with bacon and herbs and we shared tea/coffee. It was the perfect protein infused meal that kept us full most of the day and gave us the energy we needed on our trek to London.

Healthy Hotel in Paris

Whether you choose to stay at Le Cinq Codet while in Paris, or another hotel, it’s all in the choices that you make and the balance you create between lavishness, comfort, and health.

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